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The process
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Making boring costumes beautiful! 

Do you have boring costumes sitting in a closet just begging to be made beautiful?

Is your team on a tight budget, but you still want to shine on stage?

Do you love sparkle and shine but don't have the time to update your old costumes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Perfecto  Encore is your answer! 


What's your Bling Level??


Step One:  Fill out the form below! This will gather some important information as well as creating your client care folder.

Step Two:  Check your email! One of our client care representatives will be reaching out to you. At this stage, we will ask for several photos of your costume and we will begin discussing your design wishes in more detail.

Step Three:  Design time! Our design team will create a one of a kind design for you. At this point we will also work with you to have a digital sketch created, so you can see all of the details!

Step Four: Paperwork. We know it isn't that exciting, so we won't talk about this anymore!

Step Five: Getting your costumes ready to be made beautiful. Now it's time to label, package and ship us your costumes! 

Step Six: Sit back and relax while our team works their magic! Every one of your costumes will be updated by hand by one of our team members! 

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Boring with no bling!




A lot of bling!


Blinged to the Max!